Powerboat in Boatyard

A Long History of Boat Expertise

Northshore Marine Sales & Service, formerly Yacht Works, was formed over fifteen years ago by Gerald Sellar and two other partners. Not long after the formation, Gerald became sole owner of the company. A Northeasterner, specifically Massachusetts, Gerald’s interest in sailing started at around age 12. One of his first jobs was for a company that produced surfboards, single person sailboats and commercial fiberglass parts. Once into adulthood, Gerald embarked upon a career in diving, salvage and then oilfield work which brought him to South Louisiana and ultimately Mandeville.

SunsetHow We Can Help

If you have a question about any service or product related to boats, we have the answer. We’re here to take the mystery out of boat repairs and make boat ownership pleasurable.

Our Staff

Gerald’s commitment to Northshore Marine is proven every day as he fields questions for boat owners based on his experience and relationships he has cultivated throughout the years. This commitment extends to our staff which includes a certified mechanic with a tenure of eight years and skilled boatyard laborers.

What Makes Us Stand Out?

We are well versed in decommissioning and commissioning boats for transport including standing masts and sailboat rigging. We also offer welding services in the MIG and TIG processes.

Our Location and Setup

Northshore Marine is strategically located on Bayou Castine, the gateway to Lake Pontchartrain from the east side of Old Mandeville where almost all of Old Mandeville’s marinas are located. Our location allows us to service not only our local clients in St. Tammany Parish, but those on the Gulf Coast extending into the Florida panhandle and beyond. Our location includes a covered boathouse, a dock for hauling and re-launching, several slips for staging and a large yard to accommodate many boats. Finally, our location is situated on a dead end street allowing ample room for large vehicles (semis and similar) to enter and exit for drop off and pick up.

Our Inventory

Our equipment inventory includes one Marine Travelift with a maximum capability of handling boats up to 17 feet wide and 15 tons, a crane for lifting boats and unstepping and restepping masts, a sanitary pump out station, a tow boat, welding equipment and everything in between needed for boat repair. We’ve been at this a long time, so we have what it takes to get the job done!

We also maintain a stocked retail store offering items needed for repair, maintenance and hardware for rigging, plumbing and decking. We keep a limited stock of most commonly used impellers and belts along with a variety of electrical supplies. If we don’t have your part in stock, no problem. We can get it the next day (in most cases). We’re here to help and get you back in the water!

We would love to work on your boat! Call us today with any questions you have or to schedule a service.