Let’s face it. Boats that are stored in the water need to be hauled out and painted about every two years. There’s no way around it if you want to keep your hull in the best condition possible when YOU are ready to set sail. Bottom painting isn’t just aesthetic, it prevents marine growth and if racing is your thing, it can help you move along in the water at a faster rate of speed.

We’ve painted a lot of bottoms and we think you should let us paint yours! We are very knowledgeable and expedient. We can make recommendations for the best paint to use for your boat depending on your boating preferences and storage conditions.


Estimates are based on boat length from bow to stern on deck and according to product.

  • Racing Systems

  • Standard Bottom Paint

  • Standard or Trailer Paint

  • Copolymer ACT System

     Extra Smooth for Laminar Flow Speed
     Long Term Coating